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A second vulnerability allows an attacker to decrypt an arbitrary message when the Gnu PG backend is used in Mailvelope. It is possible, with an administrator account, to achieve command injection by modifying the path of the e-mail executable in Mail Settings, setting "sendmail" in the "Mailer" option, and launching the "Forgot your password" feature.

The Web App v04.68 in the supervisor on SAET Impianti Speciali TEBE Small 05.01 build 1137 devices allows remote attackers to make several types of API calls without authentication, as demonstrated by retrieving password hashes via an inc/utils/REST_API.php? An issue was discovered in Zoho Manage Engine Netflow Analyzer Professional

XSS exists in /netflow/jspui/user Management via these GET parameters: auth Meth, pass Word, pwd1, and user Name.

The Simple - Better Banking application 2.45.0 through 2.45.3 (fixed in 2.46.0) for Android was affected by an information disclosure vulnerability that leaked the user's password to the keyboard autocomplete functionality.

Unauthenticated password hash disclosure in the User PWD method in e Q-3 AG Homematic CCU3 3.43.15 and earlier allows remote attackers to retrieve the GUI password hashes of GUI users.

This vulnerability can be exploited by unauthenticated attackers with access to the web interface.

Memory access patterns are visible in a shared cache. Versions of hostapd/wpa_supplicant 2.7 and newer, are not vulnerable to the timing attack described in CVE-2019-9494.

Both hostapd with EAP-pwd support and wpa_supplicant with EAP-pwd support prior to and including version 2.7 are affected.

The implementations of EAP-PWD in hostapd EAP Server and wpa_supplicant EAP Peer do not validate the scalar and element values in EAP-pwd-Commit.

Western Digital My Cloud, My Cloud Mirror Gen2, My Cloud EX2 Ultra, My Cloud EX2100, My Cloud EX4100, My Cloud DL2100, My Cloud DL4100, My Cloud PR2100 and My Cloud PR4100 firmware before 2.31.174 is affected by an authentication bypass vulnerability.

The login_file checks credentials against /etc/shadow. However, the "nobody" account (which can be used to access the control panel API as a low-privilege logged-in user) has a default empty password, allowing an attacker to modify the My Cloud EX2 Ultra web page source code and obtain access to the My Cloud as a non-Admin My Cloud device user.

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