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For now you will find the https://docs.zendframework.com/tutorials/getting-started/modules/ We won’t implement database connection inside this version of the tutorial but a service manager so you can add Doctrine 2 integration later on.For a full understanding of what’s being involved here, you may browse the documentation on Zend framework about fieldsets and here for form collections.I have admittedly skipped factories time and again.

Similar to a Zend Form class, fieldsets contain form input parameters and filters we can retrieve within our views.As an example of use we will take a Recipe as a product which is of one type (or category, ie : breakfast…), the recipe uses several ingredients (item entity) and as main attribute we will assume one ingredient contains gluten : Time to code now, we will start with our entities and then attach services to deal with those entities – we name the module : Fieldset.Category entity (ex : type of recipe) The advantage of using Fieldsets is that you can include them in different forms and separate coding between classes.You can find the project files onto : Fieldset Demo using Zend 3.The Fieldset demo project will be used later to add other functionalities such as Doctrine 2 integration and so on.

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