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If National Review famously aimed to stand “athwart history, yelling Stop,” Maxim keg-stood the era of identity politics and Antioch consent rules.

Its combination of “lad” humor, PG-13 starlet ogling and service articles upended its category, inspiring its competitors like GQ, Esquire and Details to change their formulas.

“Of course, it had the distinction of being the only humor magazine in America.

But it was, without any doubt, the best.” It was the humor (not the covers that besides Ms.

Mark Golin was in his office at the Time-Life Building recently, reflecting on his go-go days as the editor of Maxim magazine in the late 1990s.“We were in a lot of ways the barbarians at the gates of Rome,” said Mr.

“It was the best humor magazine in America,” said Joe Levy, who edited the magazine from 2009 to 2011 before leaving Alpha Media to edit Billboard.“Probably one of the highest-grossing movies, or trilogy of movies, was ‘The Bachelor,’ ” he said. Then there’s Will Ferrell, whose every character from Ricky Bobby to Ron Burgundy to George W.Bush channels the wounded pride of overgrown boys living through what’s been called “the end of men.”“I think ultimately Maxim won,” Mr.“The world has been Maxim-ized.” She described her time at Maxim as “one of the most fun experiences” she ever had. We were figuring it out as we went along.” To anyone who thought the publication’s content sexist (see “How to Cure a Feminist,” from November 2003), Ms.Miller wanted to assert that the magazine’s humor, while puerile, never tipped into outright misogyny.

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