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Recently, the actor Corey Haim passed away, apparently of a drug overdose. But his life had taken a true downward trajectory, and his friends should have been able to notice the warning signs.

Namely, that he was dating "Daisy of Love" star Daisy de la Hoya.

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Obviously, Torch’s nearly waist-lengthed, ombre hair earns the top spot. Drew Pinsky, sleazy host/"therapist" of Celebrity Rehab and Sober House, is using the occasion of Mr.Haim's death to push himself and his own show, Sober House, premiering either today or tomorrow: Corey Haim apparently made a fatal mistake when he recently told Celebrity Rehab's producers he had no interest in participating, the show's host, Dr. Pinsky, an addiction-medicine specialist, says that friends and associates of the former child actor – who died Wednesday at 38 – have told him for years that Haim needed help with recovery. What you can’t tell from this photo is that Sinister has an elaborate undercut beneath what simply appears to be long, black, street magician hair. What’s more, the layers of his hair reflect the layers of his soul. Whether the style and color are meant to be a symbolic representation of political unity (red states and blue states coming together for the betterment of America) or a literal representation of indecisiveness, the look works for him.Some people only pay attention to the hair on their head but Cable Guy stepped up his hair game by devoting a little time to his goatee, which he has braided. These Swedish hair band triplets don’t care about how anachronistic their ‘dos are.

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