Updating zune software

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After that, you need to work through the steps for setting it up. I’m using the Verizon HTC Trophy running Windows 7.5 Mango. Make sure and leave it plugged into your computer, and don’t try to use it until the update finishes. Here you’ll see the name you gave it, what was added, how much storage space is available and more. You’ll get a notification on your phone when one is available.After installing the Zune Software, plug the Windows Smartphone into your PC. Now connect your PC to the Internet, and proceed with the update process as required. Scroll down to About, and see the Software version as Windows Phone 7.5.I am still in the process of relishing my Mango, but I can assure that the phone is much more responsive and has a lot of new features stuffed into it!Getting tired of waiting for the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update to show up on my HTC Windows Phone in India, I decided to force my Windows Phone to update. Here is how you can trick your Zune software and Windows Phone to update to Mango. Connect your Windows Phone to your Windows PC and let Zune software launch. If not, click on any other option in the menu, above or below the Update option.Make sure that your PC is connected to the Internet. Click on Phone Update and see if you are being offered the update on its own. Now click again on the Update option – and within 2 seconds of having clicked on it, disconnect your PC from the Internet.Microsoft's Zune MP3 player is available in several different models, each of which is prone to "freezing" due to a software issue, corrupted update, broken song file or other software-related issue.Once frozen, simply pressing the Zune's power button will not be enough to shut it off, requiring you to perform a hard reset, which forces the device to reboot.

After that, you learn how to prepare the phone for its first use and how to install the Zune software.

The cool thing with the Zune software is you can easily select network locations from Windows Home Server. Since I have VLC as my main media player, I only want Zune to play Microsoft file types.

After you’re done configuring Zune software, click Next.

Then you can decide later if you want get the Zune media account. If you’re concerned about privacy, uncheck the box to send info. Launch the Zune software and select automatic or manual setup. This lets me choose specific directories where my media is.

It also lets me select the files I want it to be the default player for. Now you can add or remove directories you want it to play media from. Choose which types of files you want Zune to be the default media for.

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