Updating microsoft streets and trips kbvr corvallis dating game

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The Dickson Dam that creates the Gleniffer Lake has been there for years and years.

Even though the Metroguide Canada map shows the Red Deer River it still doesn't show the dam or the road across it.

You will this sort of difference in detail everywhere.

Now the Gleniffer Lake example isn't a really good example either.

Ken, if my memory serves me correctly, several years ago even Microsoft used DMTI as one of its map data providers for Streets & Trips.

Compare it to that area in S&T to see what I'm talking about.

It didn't show the tractor parked in the same field though, Hmmm, maybe I'll send them a note.

It's disappointing to hear that they are behind on new developments. There's little rhyme or reason to the way most new area's are numbered or named.

Now zoom in on the little community of Spruce View on hiway 54 in S&T, then check this link on the Garmin map viewer.

Note that even though the Metroguide Canada assembled by DMTI is much older than S&T 2008, it has the street numbers.

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