Updating mailscanner

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i.e.: sa-update by default will verify update archives by use of a SHA1 checksum and GPG signature.

SHA1 hashes can verify whether or not the downloaded archive has been corrupted, but it does not offer any form of security regarding whether or not the downloaded archive is legitimate (aka: non-modifed by evildoers).

Supported operating systems: All Mail Scanner supported operating systems Baruwa Baruwa is a commercial implementation of Mail Scanner.

The goal of sa-update is to download new configuration files (rules, scores, etc,) so that Spam Assassin will use them to better catch spam and/or to avoid catching ham messages.

When an archive is downloaded and the signature verified, sa-update requires that the signature be from one of these ``release trusted'' keys or else verification fails. See the --import option for how to add keys to sa-update's keyring.

This prevents third parties from manipulating the files on a mirror, for instance, and signing with their own key. For sa-update to use a key it must be in sa-update's keyring and trusted.

After updating Mail Scanner Script , Clam AV and Mail Scanner frontend I cannot start mailscanner it just locks everthing in the queue so have turned it off.

This is Harisfazillah Jamel or Linux Malaysia blog for logs of my activities in the Internet and for the Linux and Open Source software support.Supported operating systems: Ubuntu Mail Watch Mail Watch provides a logging mechanism and monitoring GUI.It does not provide automated installation or configuration of Mail Scanner.By default, it will only access ``updates.spamassassin.org'', but more channels can be specified via this option.If there are multiple additional channels, use the option multiple times, once per channel.

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