Updating handbook

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As we previously discussed, parental leave policies should apply equally to all types of new parents.There is an important distinction between paid leave for recovering from childbirth and paid leave for bonding or other non-medical reasons.Writing an employee handbook is a major task that covers any and all topics that impact your business.In your employee handbook, you need to cover a lot of information in a clear, concise, and fair format that’s customized for your business.If there are any changes in topics covered in your handbook, it’s important to address them – even if they are really small.A simple oversight could land you in hot water or in the middle of a lawsuit.

If so, the Board will strike a balance between the “nature and extent” of the “potential impact” on the right to engage in protected concerted activity and “legitimate justifications associated with the rule.” Nonetheless, this is an ever-evolving area of the law and policies still need to be carefully drafted with enough specificity to demonstrate the legitimate justification for the policy. Your employee handbook is not the place to set forth the details of your health and welfare benefits.

Whenever you onboard a new hire or you update your handbook, you need to ensure that every single employee receives and reads a copy of it.

Have them sign that they have read and understand this important document.

Other policies that may warrant review and updating include confidentiality, reasonable accommodations, weapons, policies addressing the use of marijuana, and policies prohibiting discrimination against LGBTQ employees.

Don’t let your employee handbook sit on a shelf collecting dust.

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