Updating gps in holden captiva

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Who knows, just maybe, I’ll be updating you on not just advancements in the Holden arena but also the social media #academic sites.

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Isn’t it ironic, that it took a conversation with (I assume as we’ve never met) an anglo saxon person to help me to identify me.

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but I don’t know, call me ‘old school’ or whatever but all of these options on the Captiva is like crazy, like it’s got a reverse camera, electric sunroof, privacy glass and a tow bar, phone projection technology, GPS and it’s an all wheel drive.The Equinox arrived in November 2017, replacing the five seat variant.Meanwhile, the Acadia went on sale in Australia on November 12, 2018, taking the place of the seven seat Captiva, and bringing an end to the nameplate Captiva in Australia and New Zealand.Just when I thought I had got everything sorted, from far left field a curve ball entered the field of play, I now have a Holden Captiva LTZ! That’s why right now, it’s Saturday night and he’s out with with the carload of people and I am home writing this blog, because just when I thought I was going to get my car, I got his car! Which brings me to the purpose of this blog, the whole idea of me writing a blog was so that I could keep track of my academic journey, but all that I’ve managed to do is, keep notes on the ways in which I had planned to buy one car but somehow ended up with something so different to what I’d planned or researched for.So maybe there exists a subliminal truth in this car adventure for me.

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