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If you’d like to see more information about the available updates, click the “Details” link.The details page shows you pretty much the same information about each update that the main screen displays, but does add the status of each update so you can see whether it’s waiting to be downloaded or has been downloaded but is waiting for installation.

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There also a few options you can set governing how Windows Update works.

We know, updating your PC is a hassle–but it’s essential.

New security flaws are discovered on a regular basis, and most companies are pretty good about issuing fixes for those flaws as they crop up.

On the main Windows Update screen, the “Change active hours” link lets you set specific hours when Windows Update can restart your computer and the “Restart options” link lets you temporarily override the active hours you’ve set up.

To find additional options, click the “Advanced Options” link. The “Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows” option is pretty self-explanatory and is useful if you’re using Microsoft Office or other Microsoft apps.

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