Truth about online dating sites

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My point is there are thousands of different methods that are considered online dating. They realized how much simpler it was than trolling the bar scene night after night.People coupled up online don’t dwell on how much they wish they didn’t meet online.At times, black women play games and become the victim when convenient.When men call them out their name expect a Huffington Post article about the hardships of black dating from racism to how the pool is so small.I will never forget my former classmate said, “…only 5% of black women are attractive.” It was not much of an issue anyways because he resembles Brainy (the creepy kid who stalks Helga) from Hey Arnold.Granted, there are physical issues that black women fall short in, but it should be only discussed by black men.I was puzzled and knowing that I am a black conservative, it is common sense that a black woman who identifies as a “pangender demisexual” is not even worth a Mc Donald’s date.I was hoodwinked by SJWs who force men to like them for being themselves.

You can’t hide that you’re single and looking when you’re on a dating site.

More people are joining online dating sites right now than at any other time.

An estimated two million members will join the first week in January. I know there are even more of you out there considering it. I’m not going to give you BS about online dating – just the good, the bad and the ugly.

I was expecting 10s who were open to dating guys who had a job, education and could hold down a non-sexual conversation.

Now, it is not to say these women do not deserve love simply due to my lack of attraction to them, but it does take an emotional toll when there are the few attractive ones and they either take online dating as a joke or they are too lazy to reply.

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