Troy and gabriella are they dating

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By their senior year the two were dating but ultimately they decided to break up.Troy is portrayed by Donald Glover and Britta is portrayed by Gillian Jacobs.They manipulated Troy into trying to hook up with Annie but he was unsuccessful.The fallout from their machinations led to a conflict later during a study group meeting."Romantic Expressionism": Jeff deflects Troy's criticism over Jeff's ogling of Annie by mentioning Troy's attraction to Britta."Basic Genealogy": Britta gets spanked by Troy's grandmother after accidentally insulting her.You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.

Troy and Britta were both invited to attend a study group for a Spanish 101 class they were taking.

"Study Break"(Webisode): Troy admits he would sleep with Britta if she got a haircut.

"Interpretive Dance": Troy and Britta discover they are both secretly taking dancing classes at school.

She was learning how to tap dance while Troy was taking a modern dance class to improve his coordination for football.

Britta and Troy agreed that they should tell the others but he backed out at the last minute unwilling to face their ridicule.

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