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I was so excited that I'm afraid I didn't last long.Pulling out and shooting my load in Carol's face satisfied a long-held fantasy. With our sex lives rejuvenated, we went back to our once-a-day schedule.I placed my hand on the back of her head and my fingers slid through her hair until the tips were behind her ear. She was still swallowing cum as I mounted her and rammed my tingling cock into the warmth of her cunt. Unsure about the status of her birth control, I pulled out and shot my load on her tits and belly.She bucked up against me to capture the full length of my cock inside her. Fifteen minutes into the fuck she began having orgasms at the rate of one every couple of minutes. Cheryl rolled up in a ball and quickly fell asleep without revealing her true identity. "She was horny for a man so I told her she could borrow you.It was strictly a symbolic gesture and was not meant to hold her in place.

She loved telling them to me while eyeing my crotch for the inevitable bulge.That all ended when I came home from work one day and heard one of them call out, "We're in here." I went to the bedroom where I found the two sisters naked on the bed exchanging a passionate French kiss. We decided to stop tricking you so we could have threesomes." It was every man's dream come true.Imagine watching your wife with another woman who is not only her sister but her identical twin!"You've always wanted to watch me with a woman, so take off your clothes and play with yourself while we put on a show for you." I tossed my clothes aside and pulled up a chair.I had to watch closely or lose track of which one was my wife. She was above her sister with her left tit dangling in her mouth. Cheryl mounted Carol and began licking her pussy like a cat cleaning itself. The two began to writhe and moan as they passionately tongued each other. I crawled onto the bed and drove my cock into Cheryl's slippery cunt.

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