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The 18th century was also part of the "The Age of Enlightenment," a historical period characterized by a shift away from traditional religious forms of authority and a move towards science and rational thought.

The effects of 18th-century enlightenment led to the American Revolutionary War and the French Revolution.

The district provides theater, musical and sexual entertainment to anyone who can afford it.

There a new genre of paintings, prints, literature and theater rises.

The Mughals, without a navy, had looked to the Portuguese to protect the ship that took Muslim Indians on their annual pilgrimage to Mecca, and now they turn to the English for this protection.

Tokugawa Ieyasu defeats the last of his competitors, capturing the Osaka castle. The Tokugawa Period of Japanese history has begun (from 1603 according to some), to last into the 1800s.

Ships are carrying 50,000 pounds of cured tobacco annually from Virginia to England.

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The 18th century also saw the spread of capitalism and the increased availability of printed materials.

Here is a timeline of the major inventions of the 18th century.

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