The soul of kerala sex

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The place to finally eat vegetables that didn’t come from a freezer bag, and break my Timehop streak?

Just five days later, I had the answer to my question.

The 6 days package takes you to the elf of Kerala with the perfect blend of picturesque beauty.

Until earlier this year, I’d never actually heard of Kerala.

South India attracts people with religious interest.

A couple of towns and cities in South India are referred to as temple towns as well such as Madurai, Rameshwaram and Mahabalipuram.

Those working at the centuries-old Chinese Fishing Nets (well worth a stroll past), the outdoor markets, the narrow shops and the eateries were all equally as open to smiling, as they were a chat.

Unlike London, where a smile from a stranger may have you wondering what you’ve got on your face, in Kerala it seemed to simply mean ‘hey’. Something else that put a smile on my face was the shopping.

My favourite was a Mambazha Rasayanam, made with fresh mango, mint and sugar and topped with soda water.I arrived in Kerala toward the end of their summer and close to the first of two annual monsoon seasons.The weather, though hot, was far more manageable than I had expected, wavering from the low to mid 30s for the duration of our trip.The main reason for international and Indian tourists to visit South India is the backwaters of Kerala that are created by the interlocking of lakes and water bodies.To enjoy life in water and to stay in the houseboats, the locations that you must visit are Kollam, Alappuzha, Ku The Devine places wrapped in exquisiteness of nature draws people from all over the world.

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