The heart doctor dating

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He asks you not to tell the rest of the town that he's doing dance aerobics.You head into Harvey's room to find him using his equipment in an attempt to contact a pilot.Harvey will dance with Maru at the Flower Dance if not with the player.You can give Harvey up to two gifts per week (plus one on his birthday), which will raise or lower his friendship with you.

On most other days he spends the morning manning the counter at the clinic, and the afternoon taking exercise around town.He tries to explain that George needs to make some lifestyle changes if he wants to keep healthy, but George seems irritated with his advice and states that he knows what's best for his own body.Harvey explains that he went to school for eight years so that he could help people in an attempt to get George to cooperate, but then his attention is drawn away as he notices your arrival.Harvey seems out of breath as the session comes to an end, heading towards the door to leave but running into you on the way.Harvey seems incredibly embarrassed when he finds out you were watching, wanting to keep it a secret.

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