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That outspokenness includes the currently front-burner issue of marriage equality.

Same-sex marriage increasingly has Americans on its side, with overwhelming support among young people.

Talbot addresses the painful reality of gentrification in his hometown, but frames it romantically as a fairy tale of a deposed prince returning to a city and dwelling that are now foreign to him.

At its heart, it’s a story about belonging, but it’s also about the touching friendship between the prince, Jimmie, and his companion Montgomery, who stands by Jimmie in his quest to find purpose and identity.

Seeing it live and breathe on the screen while sinking into its tender beauty brought me back to the vibrations that used to come more frequently as a movie goer – when afterwards I’d walk out of the theater doors and onto the street in a sort of arrested state, letting the inspiration wash over me for a few slowly walked blocks.

Sometimes you encounter a creation, be it a book or record or film—or indeed its soundtrack—that comes along when you are most vulnerable to its charms.

It feels like it sprung full bloom into the story, organically becoming part of the emotional fabric.

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There's also information on shows and one can even purchase tickets to their concerts. They type of music they play can be classified as indie but then again it depends on which album.

Many composers will tell you that the score has a duty to service the film and that’s the most important thing.

Mosseri’s score goes above and beyond this duty, absolutely setting the tone and keeping it in place.

You feel the drawn out notes of brass, string and woodwind penetrating your torso, along with ghostly vocal spirituals that call from the past, resonant and ascendant.

All of these lend the movie its soul and then follow you home, fomenting lasting images of poignant humanity, and humility.

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