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According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, you should not introduce your teens to just any man you’re dating.Wait until you are certain that your new relationship is serious, advises Jean Mc Bride, a Colorado-based marriage and family therapist with her own practice.

Discuss this man with your teen prior to their introduction, and vice versa, advises the AAP.

To prevent your family from coming apart at the seams, encourage your siblings to seek what is best for everyone, especially if your father outlives your mother.

Even before your mother's death, you and your siblings might have disagreed about her care.

Such disagreements might be avoided if your mother created a plan for those arrangements and made the information available to everyone before her death or if such decisions rest with her spouse.

The division of assets can be thorny -- especially all siblings do not receive equal amounts, according to estate attorney Michael Dribin, as cited in “Siblings Scorned” on the website Private Wealth.

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