Synchrony dual optic accommodating lens

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Presbyopia still remains the last frontier of refractive surgery.Its surgical management is under constant evolution due to the limitations that exist today with respect to its management, which is probably in relation with the multifactorial basis in which presbyopia is clinically developed in the human.Nevertheless, pseudoaccommodation is not a real restoration of accommodation [1, 5].It can restore near distance vision by different mechanisms: The theory of accommodation is largely based on Helmholz's ideas: the capsule has sufficient elasticity to mold the lens into a more strongly curved system than what is necessary for distance vision.The multifactorial basis for the development of presbyopia makes it difficult to be managed adequately.The aging population, especially in western countries, has created millions of candidates around the world for such interventions.Current non-surgical treatment options include reading spectacles (either mono or varifocal) and contact lenses (either multifocal or monofocal for monovision), but many of these patients, spectacle independent previously, do not easily accept this unavoidable age-related life style change.

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The change in the refractive power of the eye, when the image of a near object is brought into focus on the retina, is defined as accommodation; such a process must involve an increase in the dioptric power of the system [4].Helmholtz (1856) proved that accommodation is accomplished by the change of the power of the crystalline lens associated with the active action of the ciliary body.It is the difference in refractive power of the eye in the two states of complete relaxation and maximal accommodation.Until currently, virtually all surgical techniques that have been proposed for its correction are based on the induction of pseudoaccommodation in the presbyopic eye, including multifocality.However, the real restoration of accommodation is more complex, and it has been tried by the use of different, so called, “accommodative” pseudophakic intraocular lenses (AIOL).

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