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So, after he was taking forever to meet me and after I realized his only pics (3 of them) were screenshots, and the sporadic messaging, I was being to think he was a after I started to like him (as much as you could by messaging), and thinking that this is someone I could possibly really like..have been texting for weeks and just met this week..he was not a catfish, but he was not the person in the pics..was him, I could tell (and I discovered from doing some sleuthing that the pic was 2 yrs old), but he didn't look exactly the same..looked worse. I just didn't expect none of it and I am not trying to be mean, but I truly didn't like how he looked and it was a shock.

I didn't expect his teeth to look like that, for his head to be that small...

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They are not a utility, they are actively looking to exploit you. I just got separated and Id like to start dating soon and see what’s out there.I promise your mental health will improve if you throw them away. (I have no emotional connection to my ex and I’m ready to move on) So I went on a dating app and wasn’t crazy about the guys i found.I posted a pic of myself and got a bunch of weird messages.He’s in the military and currently doing field training.Sometimes he’ll disappear for 3-5 days and then message me about being in the field and sorry for being MIA.

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