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Seattle's veteran core of champions eked out wins of 79-77 in game one, 87-84 in game two and 87-84 to sweep the series.In each game Seattle was able to build a lead, a cushion against the explosive scoring capability of Mc Coughtry and Castro-Marques.

It would be more accurate to compare Weatherspoon and Johnson to NBA all-time greats John Stockton and Karl "the Mailman" Malone.

The WNBA has evolved from its early beginnings as the "scrappy little woman's league," into a basketball association where highly skilled professionals execute their craft with pride and verve.

Unfortunately, there are many who saw game in 1998 where there were more fouls than points and believe THAT is the modern day WNBA.

"The 2005 Sacramento Monarchs were a defensive team who lead the league in points against defense allowing just 61.6 per game.

No one on the team put up big numbers or lead the league in anything.

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