Speed dating suffolk county new york

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Vehicles traveling at higher speeds require more time to stop, will need to dissipate more energy in a crash (the crash will be more violent), and will reduce the effectiveness of vehicle's safety devices and crash barriers that help protect occupants in crashes.Do I have to drive at the maximum speed limit or can I drive slower?1000's of singles have made wonderful long lasting friendships and partners thru our events.

Is New York State planning to raise the speed limit on all roads to 65 miles per hour?

New York has no plans to increase the speed limit to 65 mph on any additional roads.

What is the state's strategy for enforcing the speed limit laws?

Largest singles meetup group on Long Island; hosting Dinner Parties, Dances, Shows and Fun Activity events for singles; Meetups held in Nassau & Suffolk counties I understand and personally know what it feels like to be suddenly "out there" again.

Online dating can be a drag and that is why I personally chose to create this type of community meetup; interacting face to face; to help singles make new friends in a fun and friendly ways.

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