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Kane’s and Will’s figures are similar: 55, 31 and 14 for Kane and 56, 31 and 14 for Will.

Despite its enclaves of young adults, Cook County’s marriage rates are not that much different from the suburbs: 44 percent married, 41 percent never married and 15 percent divorced or widowed.

“There is less of a stigma to being single now, if there is any stigma at all,” says Rev. Whatever we’re familiar with tends to be seen as normal.” The trend is likely to hold.

Ken Potts of Samara Care in Downers Grove/Naperville, who has counseled married people and others for 42 years. The arrow — Cupid’s arrow, in this case — is definitely pointing down for the next generation.

Finding a partner, especially in the family-centric suburbs was a Herculean task, even more recently. “When I go out, I meet the same people over and over,” complained a 38-year-old woman from Geneva.

The numbers bore out the plight of the singles in suburbia then.

Joel Mc Nabb started Fox Valley Singles in 2011 after he lost his job in California and moved back to the Chicago suburbs, near his mother. If 60 is the new 50, as people take better care of their health, being single is the new normal, as society becomes more accepting of diverse lifestyles.

Looking for love is not as challenging as it once was, even in the family-oriented suburbs. Others offer the disclaimer that they are a support group or strictly a social group, not a place to prowl. Try Naperville Singles 30s-50s or Suburban Singles Solution.Dues are only annually, and an event is held nearly every day.There are breakfast get-togethers, dinners, card nights at Pottawatomie Park, and outings to music and theater events. Getting people acquainted is not left to chance because, as anyone who has ever been to a dance in junior high — or any dance anywhere — knows, “the hardest thing to is to ask someone to dance,” says club President Elaine Pihera.But getting married remains a holy grail, even for seniors.One of the oldest and most popular singles group in the western suburbs is the St. When it began in 1967, four couples quickly got hitched.

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