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The recent public appearance of the two fuelled rumours that they are dating or could already be a couple.

Both Patel and Pinto had yet to officially confirm their real relationship status as of the moment.

He appeared in numerous films and television shows including The Newsroom, Lion, The Last Airbender, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and much more.

His success in career path has paid him well financially making his net worth estimated to be million.

18-year-old Angelina (Ashley Hinshaw, Chronicle) shuffles between school, a dead-end job, her exploitative boyfriend (Jonny Weston) and home, where her life consists of cleaning up after her alcoholic mother (Lili Taylor) and protecting her younger sister from their menacing stepfather.

After arranging an escape to San Francisco with her best friend Andrew (Dev Patel, Slumdog Millionaire, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel), she soon finds herself dating a coke-addicted attorney and becoming immersed in the local porn industry, mentored by lesbian director Margaret, who has more than just a professional interest in Angelina's talents!

Colson, onstage with many involved in creating "Slumdog," thanked the people who believed in the sleeper flick that became an international sensation.

Did a budding romance with her 18 year-old co-star, Dev Patel lead her to dump her fiance—by phone?He is of Gujarati Indian ethnicity and has an English nationality.Patel studied at Longfield Middle School where he was given the Best Actor award for his performance as Sir Andrew Aguecheek in the school’s production of Twelfth Night.Asked if she was dating anyone, Freida declared she had no time to date. It’s three days before Christmas and Freida Pinto is dying to get back to Mumbai, or “Bombay” as she still sometimes refers to her hometown.She is in Los Angeles staying at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills—that favored hotel of visiting celebrities and affluent tourists hoping to spot famous faces in the elevators or lounging at the rooftop pool.

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