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Marginalization Some narcissistic parents are threatened by their offspring’s potential, promise, and success, as they challenge the parent’s self-esteem.

Consequently, a narcissistic mother or father might make a concerted effort to put the child down, so the parent remains superior.

None of these traits alone constitute pathological narcissism.

What distinguishes the narcissistic parent is a pervasive tendency to deny the offspring, even as an adult, a sense of independent self-hood.

Uses/Lives Through One’s Child Most parents want their children to succeed.

Some narcissistic parents, however, set expectations not for the benefit of the child, but for the fulfillment of their own selfish needs and dreams.

It's important to distinguish certain parent-centric tendencies from chronic narcissistic parenting.

Many parents want to show off their children, have high expectations, may be firm at times (such as when a child is behaving destructively), and desire their offspring to make them proud.

The #1 adoption website is hosting the largest, FREE virtual adoption summit.― Anonymous A narcissistic parent can be defined as someone who lives through, is possessive of, and/or engages in marginalizing competition with the offspring.Typically, the narcissistic parent perceives the independence of a child (including adult children) as a threat, and coerces the offspring to exist in the parent’s shadow, with unreasonable expectations.They go out of their way to seek ego-boosting attention and flattery.For some narcissistic parents, social networking is a wonderland where they regularly advertise how wonderful and envy-worthy their lives are.

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