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I have always placed my health as a top priority so a few years ago, I took a yoga teacher training and went on and became a yoga teacher and at about the same time, I also began writing my first book.It’s a satire about our society and how our priorities are shifting so dramatically.Can you give our readers some background on your art?My art is always evolving but right now I’m most passionate about singing and writing music, writing my book and hosting a Podcast where I get to talk with other creatives and yoga teachers about how I think technology is impacting all of us especially on a creative level.Justin doesn't just get dumped by his girlfriend of five years—he gets dumped by his girlfriend of five years over the radio.Ashamed and heartbroken, Justin embarks into the abyss of online dating, catalyzing a series of crazy one-night stands that include a nip slip from Damienne Merlina, a full frontal look and Angela Relucio, and a lingerie-clad Sienna Farall that'll make for a casual encounter with yourself.

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From singing and songwriting, DJing, teaching Yoga, hosting a podcast or writing a book, these creative tools are allowing me to satisfy all my creative pursuits.I never really thought about it, but as I sit here and look back, it seems I always had a sense of curiosity looking for new ways to allow my voice to be heard.I started out as a piano player when I was 3; then I moved on to the drums in high school.While it was different from singing and writing songs, it still felt creative, and I loved the spontaneous nature to DJing.I booked a few gigs, and within a few months, I had 3 or 4 weekly residencies at some of the coolest bars and clubs in LA.

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