Sanaa dating kaepernick

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Kaepernick wrote “@sanaalathan this.” on his photo and Lathan shared the picture on her Instagram page with a caption of “@kaepernick7 xoxo.” Neither Kaepernick nor Lathan have addressed the rumors that they are dating.

“But I have worked so hard to create this life and I’m in a pretty good place.” “If I have a partner to walk through life that would be great,” said the Best Man star.

Sanaa Lathan Denies Dating Kobe Bryant, But Admits to Having Fun [Photo] It’s unclear if the two are officially a couple, but they seem to enjoy each other’s company.

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick either has a much-older actress as his new girlfriend, or he has some explaining to do about an Instagram photo.

Further searching and sleuthing on the internet resulted in finding a full picture of the night and they were, indeed, at dinner (you’ll have to find that one on your own though).

It’s common knowledge in Hollywood that if you’re standing next to an attractive, sometime single celebrity, you must be dating.Sanaa is 42 and Colin is 25 (he’ll be 26 in November) so there’s a 16 plus year age difference.An Instagram photo posted over the weekend has some speculating that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has a new girlfriend.This single photo has already sparked concerns that Lathan is the reason behind Kaepernick’s lackluster opening season with a 2-2 record.Their 17-year age difference only adds fuel to the fire.

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