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Yeah I lost, but I can always say "yeah if I got to the end, I might have won." And then if you get voted out first (like Peter Harkey), well in that case it would suck, but at least you can argue that you just wound up on the wrong side of the numbers. #2: Earlier in the entry I compared Heroes vs Villains to Vanuatu, where out of all the Survivor seasons, I called them the two best revenge stories of all time. If you look at Vanuatu, that season is basically Kill Bill. And then she wins anyway when he makes mistake after mistake down the stretch, and basically costs himself the game while she stands there and laughs at him. Is that as poignant or as awesome a storyline as Kill Bill? But the way it happened in Heroes vs Villains, with all the mockery, it sure was funnier.

Or that you just didn't fit in with the particular tribe dynamic. There is -no- logical argument you can make at that point that you lost because of luck or because you were too much of a threat. Chris Daugherty gets mad that the girls vote out the men, and particularly that they voted out his best buddy Sarge. I guess what I am trying to say here is that Vanuatu is Kill Bill.

Because you didn't blow it as badly as you are about to blow it. The three villains who have been working together all game should sit there in front of the jury at the end and the Heroes will be forced to choose one? I mean, don't you think a former winner like Parvati might actually be on to something here? He is going to take his powerful threesome, the threesome that is pretty much on cruise control from now until the end of the game, and he is going to break them apart. He is going to go to Parvati and Danielle, his ONLY TWO ALLIES WHO WILL EVEN TALK TO HIM AT THIS POINT, and he is going to turn them against one another. By the way, I should point out that my esteemed colleague Murtz Jaffer recently called Cochran's flip on the Savaii tribe in South Pacific the single worst strategic move he has ever seen in 23 seasons of Survivor. To me, -this- move by Russell is probably the worst strategic move I have ever seen. And Sandra has a hidden immunity idol hidden somewhere in her bra. This is the summary of everything you need to know about Heroes vs Villains going into the final episode: Russell sucks and the jury hates him. Remember how Russell went into the final day of Samoa berating Natalie and calling her worthless?

That's it, hands down, and that's the way that Survivor has always been. Oh yeah, and of course Isabella played in two Survivor ORG games with me over the years, and naturally both times she got to the end and she lost the jury vote. And then it ends of course when he lops off O-Ren Twila's head with a sword in the snow. This is the story of Sandra's revenge against Russell. Meanwhile, Heroes vs Villains is the movie A Nightmare on Elm Street.

No, it is Parvati's natural deep belly laugh from the bottom of her diaphragm, and it comes out of her so forcefully that you can tell that she wasn't expecting it to. For that, and for everything else I have said so far, I don't really feel bad.

I mean, I know this is sort of a stretch to say this, but it almost sounds like she just had an orgasm. By the way, want to see the difference between Natalie White and Sandra Diaz-Twine, here you go. For the most part, I feel like the crap I have been dealing out towards Russell in this entry has been warranted.

Russell is quickly spiraling down into insanity and doom. From this point on no one in their right mind will ever want to vote Russell out of the game. Because from this point on he will be way too obvious of a final three goat. I should point out that Parvati already has immunity tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, if Russell and Parvati didn't realize they were up against a pro-Sandra jury going into the final three, it can only mean they were idiots. Okay, going into the Heroes vs Villains finale, here is where we stand.

And with that, Russell pulls off perhaps the single worst strategic move I have ever seen on Survivor. Either that, or make a final three pact with two players you could never beat in front of a jury, not in a million years. Russell knows that yelling at Sandra isn't going to go anywhere. His new mission now is to make all of his allies cry. Note that at this point we really aren't even playing Survivor anymore.

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