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Ronnie Anne then comes to the house and throws a pie at Luan and offers to draw eyebrows on Lincoln and invites him for a milkshake, saying she was grateful for him protecting her from Luan's pranks and the two head off on their way.

In "Dance Dance Resolution", Lincoln ducks from Ronnie Anne to ensure she doesn't ask him to the Sadie Hawkin's Dance, not because he doesn't like her, but because he wanted to go to the arcade that night instead.

Such as preparing dinner after Maria worked two shifts in "Shell Shock".

In "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos", Maria brought her children to visit their extended family, but she was hiding the fact that they were actually moving in with them.

According to the conversations with Lincoln through video chat, Ronnie Anne is afraid Carlino is going to steal her swim goggles during the trip to the water park.

Rosa loves Ronnie Anne a lot, and gives her lot of food, even if she doesn't want to eat much.

Lincoln is afraid that Ronnie Anne is too reckless to take care of an egg, so he tries to not let her take it.

In "The Loudest Thanksgiving", Ronnie Anne, alongside her Mom and the rest of her extended family, do several things to prevent him from to spend Thanksgiving with the Louds.Upon learning he was avoiding her all day, she forgives him and admits that she would've done the same if he were to ask her to a dance.The two are then seen together at the arcade, playing Dance Battle. Johnson assigns Lincoln and Ronnie Anne to take care of an egg as a school project.Once she finally told them, Bobby was happy with the news, but Ronnie Anne was not.When they talk it over late at night, Maria stated she wouldn't make her move if she didn't want to, and was willing to bring her and Bobby back to Royal Woods.

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