Quality of life in childhood epilepsy validating the qolce

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Any potential participants’ caregiver will be contacted by the study physician or pediatric neurology nurse either in-person at the study physician’s clinic or by telephone.

Prospective caregivers of participants will be asked if they are interested in having their child participate in the study.

Testing will include blood and urine analysis, Qo L assessments, neurological and general pediatric assessments, and an electroencephalogram (EEG) recorded for 2 h or until sleep is obtained (Fig.

Recruitment Phase: Prospective participants will be directly identified and recruited through the caregivers by study physicians at each study site.

The QOLCE-55 demonstrated partial measurement equivalence at the level of strict invariance - χ2 (2,823) = 3,727.9, CFI = 0.961, TLI = 0.962, RMSEA = 0.049 (0.044, 0.053), WRMR = 1.834.

The findings provide support for the factor structure of the QOLCE-55 and contribute to its robust psychometric profile as a reliable and valid measure.

The primary objectives for the study are (i) To determine if the CBD-enriched herbal extracts alter steady-state levels of co-administered anticonvulsant medications. Identifier NCT03024827, Cannabidiol in Children with Refractory Epileptic Encephalopathy: CARE-E; 2017 Jan 19 [cited 2017 Oct]; Available from: The epileptic encephalopathies are a group of childhood-onset seizure disorders characterized by frequent seizures and markedly abnormal EEG patterns associated with progressive disturbance of cerebral function that manifests as developmental stagnation or regression.

(ii) To assess the relation between dose escalation and quality of life measures, (iii) To determine the relation between dose escalation and steady state trough levels of bioactive cannabinoids. These epilepsies are often resistant to conventional medical treatment regimens and children with these conditions invariably experience neurological and cognitive impairments that severely impair their quality of life (Qo L) [ products resulted in a decrease in seizure frequency in their children and over half of their children either became seizure-free or had a greater than 80% reduction in their seizure frequency.

QOLCE-55 subscales demonstrated moderate to strong correlations with similar subscales of the KIDSCREEN-27 (ρ = 0.43-0.75) and weak to moderate correlations with dissimilar subscales (ρ = 0.25-0.42).The study will recruit participants between the ages of 1–10 years with an epileptic encephalopathy resistant to standard medical treatment.The study will aim to enroll 28 children from four Canadian cities (anticipated seven participants per site).The baseline phase establishes baseline values for each experimental measurement prior to treatment with the study product.During the treatment phase, caregivers of participants administer dosages of the CBD-enriched herbal extract twice daily to their children escalating at fixed one-month intervals over the course of four-months.

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