Poly speed dating questions terry monroe dating

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But I think I have a reasonable chance of finding out things like whether she is musical, somewhere tending towards the nerd/geek/dork range of identities, whether she has a creative bent, and how busy her life is (including travel wishes). “Speed dating feminist” turned up the link above with the non-heteronormative event, but little else of value.While travel has its upsides, I want someone who’ll be able to settle down with me without forever looking for the next long-distance trip. With these various searches I did find some general tips on how to make a good impression/avoid making a bad one, which become part of my prep work to internalise those.Dating Dani, our resident Dating expert, has put together a list of useful speed dating questions for you to ask to keep the conversation flowing.

Otherwise, I’m going to be questioning whether it’s her choice or social norms that dictate her role (it will be “her” at a speed dating event, although one group organised an event where it was possible to date either/both – and my choice of wording there makes me wonder idly how a polyamorous speed dating event would look; thoughts/examples, any poly-folks out there?Square brackets indicate what point I think the question would help reveal.I have another category of “general compatibility” (things like “night owl” or “early bird” and so on) that doesn’t need comment here.Now, however, I have better links and a bigger city nearby, so it is available to me to try it out.Who knows, maybe the set-up of one person at a time, albeit several persons in quick succession, will be effective in dealing with the whole introvert/reserved personality thing that I have going on.

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