Penn reel dating

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Only after years later Penn productions gained some more momentum and Model F turned to Sea Hawk, Model F changed name to Bayside and Long Beach depending on version.Of course this mentality came from my years in Florida where 95-100 percent humidity is present all the time and if antiques are not protected they certainly will deteriorate.We have officially managed to get to the second edition of the history series where we give overviews on how popular fishing brands started out and what has contributed to their success.Members donate copies of old catalogs and the library now has a good number of Penn catalogs available for copy at minimal cost, along with many other companys that produced reels. I was at a flea market and picked it out of a pile of old crap that nobody seemed interested in. Here's a few pic's, including the 14, which we talked about in your other thread.While I don't know of anyone with a #1, the club library has some pretty early ones. I believe it to be quite old, as it doesn't have a number. The bottom picture shows the 14 on the right, and the Newport in the middle. Some time ago I saw on an on line auction site a very large collection of old Penn catalogs in mint condition that supposedly had belonged to Penn founder Otto Henze's widow, Martha. I am sure some tackle collectors will cringe when I say this.

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