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Now Grandma already declined to give him money, but my uncle has a habit of getting what ever he wants from his "Ma Ma".When she told him no over the phone, he threw an adult tantrum and gave her an ultimatum, she either gives him the money or he'll sell "his" truck to get the money. So what I'm asking for here is any ammunition I can present to both parties that may open their eyes to the fact that this is a scam.If you want a girl to see you as a boyfriend material then you have to start from the onset to give her boyfriend signals, not by telling her how you feel about her.When you talk to her in this way she would Let me give you some real life example: For instance; assuming you are having some discussion with a girl and she says something you don't agree with, you could say something like: "see eh, if you say something like that again i will bite your lips for you" (In her head, this registers as a sexual tease and it triggers her imagination a bit - if you say it with the right voice tone it would be electric)Sure enough, if she doesn't already like you she might not imagine much of the sexual meaning of what you've just said, but when you keep giving her loads and loads of bedroom talks in the right way, it will start to have effect on her.

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Again i will give you real life examples - let me use Facebook again; Take for instance a girl puts up a new profile picture you could inbox her and say - "Thank God for that profile picture, no guy will look at it two times and that means there is no way they will take you from me - keep uploading those kinda ugly picture" It makes you appear like you have options, but when you run around trying to impress a girl like your life depends on it it gives her this impression that you don't have much choices (that could turn a girl off big time).Edit, typos He’s never called her, never videochatted, never met her, and he’s been sexchatting to a Nigerian dude this entire time.Ask your grandma to kindly (lawl) watch a dr Phil episode on romance scammers. Basically anecdotes will be more persuasive, he’ll have all sorts of phony “facts” but by the time he says them she’ll have heard them all before.In particular I want to ensure Grandma doesn't get scammed because she doesn't deserve to get dragged into her 60 year old sons mess.Also I should mention that the uncle has scammed money from Grandma before, so regardless of whether he is being catfished, or lying about the whole thing I just need to prove to Grandma that this is a bogus story.

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