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elayed planting seasons create a lot of frustrations for everyone involved with planting crops.

One of the agronomic questions that comes up when planting is seriously delayed is whether farmers should consider switching from their normal full-season maturity hybrids to shorter-maturity hybrids.

Figure 1 shows a screen capture from the Corn GDD Tool in which I selected "Tippecanoe Co., IN", a start date (aka planting date) of May 31, a relative hybrid maturity rating of 112 "days", and a freeze temperature threshold of 28F.

The estimates are displayed graphically and in tabular form, plus the results can be downloaded in a Comma Separated Value (.csv) formatted file for you to work with in your own spreadsheet program. Pioneer (Corteva agriscience, an Agriculture Division of Dow Du Pont). [URL accessed May 2019] Nielsen, R.

If, however, you manually change the expected "Black Layer GDD" value from 2691 to a more realistic 2487 GDDs (estimated using the calculator above), the GDD Tool then estimates the hybrid would safely mature by about October 3, well ahead of the usual killing fall freeze date (Fig.

Optimum Plant Populations for Delayed Planting of Corn.

With that estimate in hand, you can then compare that value with an estimate of the GDDs available between the date you expect to plant and the end of the season using long-term climate data tools like the Corn GDD Tool described in the following paragraphs.

The USDA-funded Useful to Usable (U2U) multi-state research and Extension project developed a GDD decision support tool hosted by the High Plains Regional Climate Center at https://edu/

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