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In that same year, a young woman in Toronto, Canada, was photographed watching a programme on Netflix with her boyfriend one night from her webcam, and the images were sent to her the next day via Facebook.

In 2016, a distributed denial of service (DDo S) attack on the DNS host, Dyn, halted the service of various major websites like Twitter, Spotify, Amazon, Reddit, Netflix, and many more.

She closes the browsers and applications on her laptop and starts to get ready for bed.

But before she gets ready, the little green light next to the lens of her webcam turns on.

There have been hundreds of reported incidents where people’s webcams have been hacked, or ‘camfected’.

Hackers that can utilise webcams, either build into laptops or propped externally, can also take the advantage of hacking into phone cameras, home security systems and anything else that’d be hooked up to your network (e.g. The thought of an incident like this happening to you can be both distressing and disturbing, especially when hackers can watch, photograph, and collect images of you for illegal and malevolent reasons.

The viewings included an elderly woman sleeping and children watching television in living rooms.Fortunately, the website has been shut down near the end of 2014.In 2015, a couple in Ontario, Canada, had their webcam that was placed in their child’s nursery, and ‘eerie music, and a voice [was] heard indicating the parent and child were being watched.’ started to play from their computer.The young woman looks at her laptop with confusion for a few brief moments.Little does she realise that someone has turned on her webcam remotely, and started to watch her through it. If it does, then you know that stories like this have happened in real life.

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