Motorcycle tire dating

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In this serial number, the 18 indicates the week the tyre was manufactured, while the 8 indicates the year of the decade.So, in this case, the tyre was made on the 18th week of the 8th year of the decade.The writing and symbols on the sidewall of your tyre aren't there simply to make it look good, they all tell you something about the specification of the tyre.That includes the maximum speed at which the tyre can safely be used, the loads it can carry, its width, which way round to mount it on the wheel, where it's made and what safety standards it's passed.Old tyres can be a ticking time-bomb that could dangerously fail and lose air. Tyres are made of various types of textile, steel and rubber compounds that have properties that evolve over time.

During the 1990s, tyres were marked with a triangle pointing to the last digit of the serial number in order to distinguish them from previous decades.We strongly recommend against driving with tyres of this age. At Bridgestone, we recommend that in addition to your own personal regular inspections, you have all your tyres, including spares, inspected regularly by a qualified expert at least once a year once they reach five years of age.Specialists, such as tyre dealers, will let you know whether or not your tyres are safe to continue using.When it comes to car part longevity, however, there are always circumstances when the auto part information given by a manufacturer may not apply.In the case of tires, the estimate of how long a tire can last is based primarily on the tread wear.

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