Most intimidating police uniforms

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Switching to an open-necked shirt and black cargo trousers, the force explained the changes had been introduced "to meet the officers' needs and to contribute to the effectiveness of the police uniform".

The force added that the new-style uniform was "more suited to the demands of modern policing".

Each division of law enforcement also determines what equipment to issue with the uniform.

Historians recognize the London Metropolitan Police Department as the first law enforcement entity to issue uniforms to its officers as standard workwear in 1829. and other countries have since made uniforms an important part of their police forces.

"I think that the connotations of black shirts are obvious to anybody.Each branch of law enforcement uses different uniforms.The type of attire for one agency may not be appropriate for another, and the job function for a particular branch may call for certain types of clothing and colors.A North Wales Police spokeswoman said: "We have been conducting trials of various uniforms over the last 12 months."We can confirm that in January all operational officers will be wearing black roll-neck tops." Strathclyde Police decided to update its uniform in 2002 - the first major change in style since the 19th Century.

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