Lithuanian dating and marriage beliefs

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In another traditional Polish customs way of fortune telling, girls stand in a circle leaning over a bowl of water with a small floating walnut shell containing a tiny-lighted candle.Each girl pastes a slip of paper with the name of a favored young man on the inside edge of the bowl above the water.The small angel is invisible, but the angel’s presence is signalized by the sound of a ringing bell, and a moment later – the presents magically appear.That is the way to say “Merry Christmas” in Polish.It is not to say presents aren’t also given on Christmas Eve (rather than the typical American Christmas Day). Nick brings presents a couple weeks before Christmas in Polish customs style, usually God’s helpers are responsible for bringing gifts on Christmas Eve.

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In Lesser Poland and Silesia a small “aniołek” (angel) who is a messenger for the baby Jesus brings presents to kids on Christmas Eve.

If she draws a scarf, it means marriage; a ribbon – single for another year; rosary – becomes a spinster or a nun. Barbara is a patron of coal miners – one of the most time honoured professions in Poland.

Source One of the most celebrated days associated with workers group is St. Through the centuries going deep under the earth was dangerous and often deadly.

Barbórka is celebrated not only in Poland but also in other countries of the region with strong mining tradition like in Germany and in Czech Republic.

In Germany the celebration is called “Barbarafeier”. Barbara is not only a patron of coal-miners but also a patron of geologists, mathematicians and many others professions. Source If you’re over in Poland during the month of December, you probably won’t find any presents under the Christmas tree.

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