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The Australian pop duo has released several successful studio albums, which have topped music charts and have been platinum certified as well.Having played the role of Emerald Buxton in the Australian children’s TV series, Cybergirl.While on her mother’s side, she has Australian ancestry.Christianity Slim Hourglass Blue Black She wears a size 7 (US) shoe. Bisexual Being one half of the pop duo The Veronicas.She opened up about how a messy relationship breakdown was used as inspiration when the sisters came together to write their upcoming album after an extended hiatus.“We took a few years to just to live life for a minute,” she revealed.“Then we came back into the studio to just do writing and we sort of really indulged in our emotions...”“This song, being one of the first ones written, was written off the back of me going through a particularly tough time of a break-up.”A telling glance between the sisters reinforced the difficulty weathered by Jess in the past.Jess split from former girlfriend Ruby Rose 12 months ago following a very public falling out, and has formerly dated Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan and guitarist Josh Katz.

This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).They also own a luxury house in their hometown in Australia. Jessica Origliasso has a net worth of million dollars as of 2019.Much of her earnings come from singing, endorsement and appearances on television.It's all okay for the month of June, but any other month, it's not. I think it's about extending out what Pride actually means in that it is an everyday empowerment for people. "You know what it is, I just realized, because we're identical twins and we've got each other, we're very much a one-person-has-my-attention sort of people," Lisa explained.And really, that comes down to mainstream media and people in a position of power -- big corporations -- to start representing all diversity." And one thing that's sure to be "all about" them is MTV's upcoming reality show, "Jess & Lisa: The Veronicas," which is set to premiere this fall. "Just existing the way we do, for some reason, there's this drama that sort of follows us 24/7. "So it's like, we have beautiful friends who are around, but because of the lifestyle we live, we don't actually spend all that much time in one place.

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