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It turned out that a couple of family members from California were able to make the trip.

I don't think you can ever predict who will show up; I had a friend who was an hour away who couldn't come, but relatives from cross-country who made the trip.

Not necessarily - we sent invitations to some relatives (older aunts and uncles, etc.) who we knew couldn't travel the distance, kind of a way of letting them know we didn't forget about them.

I don't think you can automatically assume that people are "fishing for gifts" in that case; you may run into more trouble if some family members don't get invitations, even if you know they probably won't be able to make it.

__________________ "The only thing that sustains one through life is the consciousness of the immense inferiority of everybody else, and this is a feeling that I have always cultivated." --Oscar Wilde I disagree- it is absolutely tacky. Receiving an invitation to something you can't attend makes most people feel that they have to at least send a gift. Announcement of the wedding separate from the reception Or B. when we were going to elope and i swear i think we still are( crazy family...) the invites we saw went something like bob and jane would like to announce their marriage on this exotic island this date now help welcome them back with a reception blah blah hotel etc. But to say that every Filipina is dirt poor would be an ignorant lie.Addict is to join a Pinay online dating site and to book a flight to Manila.While using Teams, text and icons give all team members clear indication of guest participation in a team.A guest user's name includes the label (Guest), and a channel includes an icon to indicate that there are guests on the team.

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