Jenney sanford still dating

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Sanford and Chapur have continued to see each other, although the 57-year-old politician has been linked to numerous other women.

“It was never just Belén,” one Sanford confidante told us. Sanford turned in a tremendously unimpressive performance in last year’s GOP primary against underfunded opponent Jenny Horne – a race that has also exposed him to a lingering campaign finance scandal.

He had a friend pick out a diamond necklace and he had a staff member hide it in my closet.

Then he faxed clues to the campaign office in our basement as to where I should look to find my birthday gift.

Chapur was the woman at the heart of Sanford’s 2009 sex scandal (and subsequent political implosion).

Here’s a picture of the two erstwhile lovebirds taken earlier this week at Miami International Airport.

We spent lots of time taking bike rides on the cobblestone streets in Charleston hoping to help nudge delivery along, to no avail."We were all together the day Mark called to tell me that he had more explaining to do. First, he’s no longer staring down the business end of a criminal child abuse case. Now it appears the former two-term “Luv Gov” of the Palmetto State is reconnecting with his former lover and proclaimed “soul mate,” María Belén Chapur.In 2012, she became Sanford’s fianceé after he made a romantic proposal in her hometown of Buenos Aires. Sanford dramatically called it off in 2014 – blaming his ex-wife Jenny Sanford for meddling in his new relationship. According to our sources, Sanford’s real reason for breaking things off with Chapur was her wealthy father’s insistence that he not receive a dime of the family fortune.He was worried in some odd nagging way, he said, that he might not be able to remain true to that vow.In retrospect, I suppose I might have seen this as a sign that Mark wasn't fully committed to me, and with the benefit of the knowledge I have about Mark now, I could point to this moment as a clear sign of things to come."Once in office, however, his habits deteriorated and he even forgot my birthday once. (My birthday is on September 11, and since 2001 Mark has learned to remember it without a reminder.)"Mark joined me at one Lamaze class before deeming it a waste of his time since, as he explained, "I've spent many long nights helping cows give birth and I know what to do when the baby gets stuck." Of course, many fathers still didn't attend births in those days, so Mark didn't really feel he needed to know too much about the human birthing process.

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