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Sebelia used his account to say the allegations were "unfounded," but Bennett stood by her claim. '" Sebelia himself is still pondering that question. "Most of the companies I'd like to be involved with really couldn't give a s**t that I was on TV." During the recently concluded Fashion Week in New York City, Sebelia sold his collection out of a small midtown showroom called House, and has also received several calls about his design work, including from Kirna Zabete and Bergdorf Goodman. "It's just all a question of pricing and all that." While Patel said Sebelia's line is "still under consideration" for sale at Bergdorf, she added there has been no commitments.

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That, ladies and gentlemen, is what THEY call "good television." Whether he wins or loses probably won't matter."The truth is, I'm totally broke," Sebelia told -- but still tried out for the show's third season at the suggestion of his friend from Los Angeles -- Season 2 contestant Santino Rice.Despite never watching an episode of the show, Sebelia said he wasn't surprised when he made the callbacks and eventually landed a spot as one of the third season's 15 contestants.Sebelia's live-in partner Melanie provides the Voice of Reason: Although Melanie sees the benefits of Sebelia's doing the show, she is not convinced it was necessary.She reminds me that he was already a successful designer, selling his clothes all over the world.

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