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Plenty of researchers willingly lend their name and affiliation to a predatory organizer as a type of board member, without fully understanding or caring about the ownership structure of the company or the absence of any effective peer review process.For some researchers, an invitation to be a regular keynote speaker at attractive destinations is worth more than their reputation.Unfortunately, the rise of total number and size of predatory conference organizers hints at their profitability and makes it obvious the problem needs to be taken more seriously.Predatory conference organizers are for-profit companies that use some kind of deceit to prey on researchers’ need to present and publish their research by holding academic events designed to maximize profits rather than spread knowledge.The troubling fact is many established scholars from Western universities present at and help organize predatory conferences.One of the larger predatory organizers even managed to get a Nobel laureate to give a keynote address.I’ve found universities in the US, UK, Japan, and Canada risking their reputation by hosting predatory conferences.Hosting arrangements usually happen in one of two ways.

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If acceptance is received in under two weeks, researchers should avoid the event.

I’ve frequently encountered this argument from attendees who didn’t want to believe they had presented at, or worse helped organize, a predatory conference.

Because of these difficulties, it’s better to focus on identifying predatory conference organizers rather than individual predatory conferences.

For example, most claim to operate a rigorous peer review system but in fact this is absent or insufficient.

The problem started attracting media attention in 2013 (see eg.

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