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Even the neo-liberal governments of America’s strongest allies in Latin America, Mexico and Colombia, must be wondering which way and for how long the wind will blow.

The poor and dispossessed including indigenous peoples have learned to use the levers of democratic power and to find leaders to articulate their demands.

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So, Venezuela is currently key to understanding the “Pink Tide”.

But no assessment of Venezuela can be made without studying its president, Hugo Chávez.

The poor who came so close to achieving power in Mexico recently know that those Latin American countries that now have progressive administrations have achieved them, not by armed revolution, but through the ballot box.

Dear Summer Internship Coordinator: I am writing to express my interest in the summer internship the position in the Child Nutrition Policy Analysis division at the Food Research and Action Center FRAC.

John Ralston Saul in a March 2004 Harper´s article opined that perhaps the era of globalisation has now come to an end.

Globalisation is no longer so unquestioningly accepted to be either a self-fulfilling prophecy or a self-regulating phenomenon. Now, dismayed by the twenty-five-year failure of globalisation to deliver the promised material goods in return for which developing countries have permitted the IMF Jesuits of the financial world to restructure both their economies and their societies, many nation-states are now taking back control.

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