How to transition from best friends to dating Just sex chat

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But the other part of me would never wants to lose the most valuable friendship I've ever had."Onto the positives: If your pal-turned-partner works out for the long-haul, you could enjoy a relationship that's long-lasting and fulfilling.After all, don't happy couples say their significant others are also their best friends?Ahead, you'll hear from therapists who dish on the challenges and triumphs that can come with dating a friend, as well as one woman who tried it, herself (spoiler: It didn't work out in the long run).The gurus also give their pro advice on how to decide whether to pursue a romance and the best ways to go about it.

"I entertained the idea of Sean and I becoming a 'thing,' and told him I had feelings for him and wanted to see where it goes."It turned out that their feelings were mutual, and they went on to date for five years.

"When we perceive mutual attraction — the key word being 'perceive' — it is tempting to pursue and make a move such as trying to kiss the person," she says.

However, she advises against the Hollywood gesture.

"I admitted to him that I wasn’t in love with him; his heart shattered right in front of me," she recalls.

"It was one of the most difficult things I ever had to say to someone." For the record, it is possible to be friends with an ex.

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