Futrany dateing

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The same is true in India, where the generics industry has been rocked by a few high profile concerns about quality in recent years.

For small to medium scale, chemical makers now have a lot of choice without having to choose bespoke systems. Ehrfeld’s plate-based modular system can be used to demonstrate that a process can run continuously in the lab.

UK-based Syrris has just completed an Innovate UK funded project with GSK and the EPSRC Centre for Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallisation (CMAC) which characterised the heat and mass transfer and mixing capabilities of its modular continuous processing system.The goal is to understand the process more deeply and then pick the appropriate technology for the rate at which you want to manufacture, says Tames.Equipment makers are coalescing around different niches, because the chemistry dictates what type of device is required, says Wiles.This will eliminate much of the trial and error for any new application.Corning has a series of Advanced Flow Reactors which allow a range of chemical reactions such as nitration, oxidation and chlorination, and which can be customised.

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