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The only support he found was from a notorious white supremacist posing as part Comanche, David Yeagley, and one of his leading supporters, a violent racist named John Martin who has issued a number of death threats.Lekay uses his Heyoka Magazine to publish several libelous articles about Dr Al Carroll, one of the founders of NAFPS, and Annika Banfeld the director of a Swedish charity for Native children who also helped produce a film against the exploitation of American Indian spirituality.We'll be online again in a few days and continue to work against fraud and exploitation. All Lekay and the racists and exploiters he works have done is be mildly annoying and make themselves look pathetic, small minded, and intolerant.

Please pass this information along to anyone who believes in the right to free speech on the internet: For Immediate Release: New Age Frauds Plastic Shamans or NAFPS, located online at has been shut down temporanily due to the lies and libel by an English New Age racist, John Lekay, editor of Heyoka Magazine.And even so, it would make no sense as the place that used to host it does not host it and someone else does, so why would they retract their standing on it?Instachatrooms is an exciting and innovative combination of 90’s style text chat rooms and modern, high-tech video chat.Power Web does not, nor never has hosted the website in question.It is bothersome to try to figure out what these people are talking about when the send us an angry letter demanding that we retract our position on something we have nothing to do with.

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