Fender quad reverb dating

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You must click thru to the original Craigslist postings. However if you can just park it and plug it in (at a rehearsal space or at a club or recording studio as a house amp) you get a heck of a lot of serious guitar tone for not much money. The grill is a little worn in places but the amp sounds great -- and LOUD. Thought your 1970's Twin was a mutha to haul around? Of course if you've got a roadie (or a girlfriend) to lug your gear for you then just go for it. This would make a nice pairing with an Ampeg SVT guitar amp. In all seriousness - Quad Reverbs are both rare and cool - but oh so hard to fit in the back of your Scion TC. ] The incomparable Fender Quad Reverb -- twice the amp that a Fender Twin is -- but at an affordable price. Four 12-inch speakers - three original Fender speakers, one replacement. **************************** VINTAGE EARLY 1970s FENDER QUAD REVERB AMP - 0 (Westlake Village) Date: 2011-11-15, PM PST Reply to: [email protected][Errors when replying to ads?After the preceding looks of the early 50's (TV front from 1950 to 51/2; wide panel '52–54), Leo Fender changed the cabinet design again, this time opting for no extra wood on the front of the amp, except for the narrow top and bottom panels that hold the baffle board to the cabinet.The early models of the larger "narrow-panel" tweeds are also remarkable for their refined electronics whose circuit design incorporated dual 5U4 rectifiers in the Twin and Bassman models, another improvement given Fender's quest for a louder, cleaner amplifier.These are invaluable tools for reference & learning about your amp!*Complete instructions for removing the master volume & push/pull gain boost are included.

The 1×12 Deluxe-Amp, the 1×15 Pro-Amp and the 3×10 Bandmaster are exceptional in dynamics and tone.BONUS: Certain resistors, vital to optimum performance of the driver & phase inverter have been measured & matched by tolerance percentage!!You are getting a completely matched set for your output section!Several variations on the amp's original design have been produced through the years, including the Twin Reverb, the Super Twin, the Twin Reverb II, and the Twin Reverb '65 Reissue.The Cyber Twin, which combined a tube amp with a digital processor, was introduced in January 2001.

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