Euroasian dating

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Fun fact: Tia Tanaka says she has a phobia of dating Asian guys. “See, my biological father, whom I never met was a major whore. I’d be in fear all the time of sleeping with a half brother or something. While Tia doesn’t realize it, it was precisely due to her father’s hyper horndog behavior that probably gave her, you know, Life and Existence and all That.Wherever you are, be it in some sweaty Thailand bangalow or rotting away from syphilis a la “The Libertine” my hat is off to you, good horny sir, for producing one of the hottest mixed Asian babes ever. Billions of people are getting shuffled around like cards, mixing and matching and fucking.Not only did my name attract unwanted attention, but also the way I looked.

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*cries* As kids, we made racist jokes because we didn’t know any better.It only stopped when I topped the school for writing the best Chinese composition in Primary 4.Unlike what most people believe, growing up Eurasian isn’t always a pleasant harmony of East meets West.And at 9 years old, I was wearing jeans meant for 14 year olds.Aunties would casually describe me as ‘big’, which seemed more hurtful than being called ‘fat’.

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