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Less than 24% of their genetic influence came from African and Afro-Caribbean tribes. A study from 2012 confirmed the fact that the non-African component that was responsible for white skin and European facial features was more dominant in Ethiopians.

And no, I don’t consider the 151.515 Ethiopian-born Americans as the real deal.

There’s a 90% chance that you’ll end up meeting girls who live in Addis Ababa.

)Take selfies at the Lion of Judah monument (kiss her cheek for the photo)Drink an original Ethiopian coffee at one of the local cafes (de fucking licious)Dire Dawa is the second largest city in the country. Just tell her that you have a job and that you save at least 10% of it.

And yes, I’m sure it has to do with the malnutrition in the poorer areas, but there are some things that fascinate me even more. I didn’t make a psychological study, but I’m sure you can find more introverts in the mother land than in Ghana.

Well, you could learn one of the 88 languages that are spoken in the country. But there’s also a 10% chance that you’ll visit Dire Dawa.

Okay, Bahir Dar is also an option, but don’t go smaller.

But you have to focus on girls in Addis Ababa or Dire Dawa.

I asked this question because I hope you are here for the real deal.

I asked if you want to meet Ethiopian babes in the mother land.

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